Real estate

You can rely on us to assist and represent you in disputes related to real estate.

Our clients call on us, for example, in disputes concerning:

  • lease (residential lease, civil law lease such as office lease, etc., commercial lease);
  • sale and purchase of real estate and movable property, Belgian Breyne Act;
  • neighbourhood nuisance and liability (cracks in neighbouring houses, collapse of a building due to adjacent works, subsidence of private property due to mismanagement of roads; noise nuisance, odour nuisance, etc.)
  • aborted negotiations for joint project development;
  • purchase of defective project goods;
  • seizure of immovable property;
  • etc.

Get us involved as soon as a dispute arises.

We will look for ways to avoid the dispute. If the dispute is unavoidable, we help you to build a case and defend your interests before the courts or in alternative proceedings. We are also at your side in the search for an amicable settlement through mediation, conciliation at court and direct negotiation with the other party.


Get us to draft your contract, review your draft contract or bring us in for complex contract negotiations.