Public Procurement

All stakeholders involved in a construction project carried out within the framework of a public procurement contract or a PPP can call on us for legal assistance during the execution phase. We form the legal team together with our client.

Some examples of what we can do for you:

Prevention of litigation or preparation of litigation files:
  • check that contract documents comply with legal provisions; check whether they contain any contradictions and ambiguities; contract analysis;
  • draft correspondence with notification of disruptions, notices of default, official statements default and replies;
  • etc.
Advice and assistance in relation to disputes concerning:
  • disruptions during the execution period (commencement order delayed, suspension, unforeseen circumstances, errors, additional work, etc.);
  • defects in execution, in the materials
  • payment for work carried out, additional work, advances, provisional payments, interest, etc.;
  • the final phase of the works (inspections, deliveries, warranty period, liability after final acceptance, etc.)
  • fines for delay, ex officio measures;
  • relationships between the partners in PPP projects;
  • insurance: All Risks Construction Site, Third Party Liability Operations, Third Party Liability post-delivery,...
  • etc.