Liability law

Have you or your enterprise suffered damage and do you want it repaired? Are you or your enterprise being held liable for having caused damage? Do not hesitate to ask for our assistance in disputes involving your contractual or extra-contractual liability or that of a third party. Insurers are often involved as joint or opposing parties.

Here are some examples of liability disputes we have handled:

  • recovery of business losses following the collapse of the premises which accommodated a high-end shop;
  • damage caused by fire during the construction of a public building, just before provisional acceptance;
  • damage to underground cables, pipes, sewers when carrying out construction work;
  • operating losses due to defects in production machinery;
  • damage resulting from improper manipulation of electricity turbine;
  • damage to an entire foodstuff production due to the wrong chemical in a maintenance product;
  • damage to neighbouring building due to solar panels being blown off;
  • collisions with commercial buildings;
  • etc.